Epoxy resin is the flooring of choice for many organizations across the United States. From warehouses and laboratories to schools and shopping malls, an epoxy resin flooring system offers unparalleled durability and easy maintenance.

But epoxy flooring offers much more than a practical and hard-wearing flooring solution. Interior designers and architects are utilizing resin-based floors to bring stylish design ideas to life.

Interior designers understand that the floor represents the largest area of any room and the flooring solution chosen will affect the final appearance of it. This is why epoxy resin is fast becoming a popular choice for inspirational interior decor.

If you are keen to know exactly how versatile epoxy flooring is changing the face of traditional interior design, read on to find out more.

Keeps budget under control

Facility managers tasked with sourcing a new flooring system know that budgets play a huge part in the decision-making process. If you factor in an uneven floor surface to the cost of a new floor, it may be likely to cause the cost of your new flooring system to spiral out of control.

To save on expensive floor preparation costs, interior designers are looking toward epoxy resin to solve floor renovation challenges. The trowelable nature of the epoxy compound ensures a flat, even finish that covers up any uneven areas, leaving a smooth, seamless floor.

Because Everlast® Epoxy adheres to almost all surfaces, there is very little preparation work to do. The resin forms a physical bond with the substrate, which can be poured directly over most existing surfaces. And if you’re saving time and money on preparation and installation, you’ll have more budget to invest in some additional creative finishing touches to enhance your overall design!

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Naturally reflective properties

The reflective properties of Everlast® Epoxy flooring are another reason epoxy flooring is changing the face of interior design. White and light shades of floor reflect light back into the room for increased illumination. 

Everlast® Epoxy flooring is commonly used in locations such as hotel lobbies or foyers to create a bright natural look and add a feeling of prestige to the venue.

Interior designers understand that a light-reflective floor will make an area feel instantly larger and brighter—and cost savings can also be made as there is no need to install additional lighting, which reduces energy consumption and costs. As always, using less energy is better for our planet as well as your budget.

Let your imagination run wild!

Even when used in a commercial environment, epoxy resin can enable the imaginations of interior designers and architects to run wild. 

With a choice of over 50 colors—ranging from a cool, contemporary white to Aquatic Blue, Kandy Kane Red, and Elegant Gra—there are shades to suit all businesses, from the modern to the traditional.

everlastepoxy.com/bright-attractive-colors(opens in a new tab)

And if the choice of colors is not enough of a selection, we can custom-blend additional shades to match the designer’s vision—or even install sections of flooring in two or more colors for a floor that is truly unique to your brand.

Speaking of branding… our installation experts can work with your design team to incorporate your logo into the flooring. We’ve installed school logos into gymnasium floors and high-profile branding in hotel lobbies for an elegant, five-star finishing touch.

Discuss your dream flooring solution

At Everlast®, we believe in investing in innovations to keep epoxy resin technology evolving, so we are continually developing even more colors, designs, and styles to give our customers the widest range of good-looking epoxy flooring solutions that last for decades.

By installing a high-quality epoxy floor, your facility will have a solid foundation, which means you are free to change up your design style and wall color as often as you like while your Everlast® floor remains in place looking just as good as the day it was installed.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!