Choosing new flooring for your business or commercial space? Beyond just thinking about the quality, materials and general look and feel, don’t forget to focus on color. Increasingly, flooring manufacturers—Everlast Epoxy included—are introducing fresh new color options for floors, including a variety of customization opportunities. While it may be tempting to go with the same old/same old or, simply, opt for a basic neutral, that may not be the best option—or, more importantly, the best way to create a consistent, cohesive brand experience.


As you’re considering floor colors, focus on options that sync with your business’ look, feel and existing palette. Going too far can distract from your day-to-day, while opting for something too basic may miss the mark and seem like a stark contrast to your existing decor. Instead, focus on these key considerations to select the flooring color that’s right for your space.


  1. Think About the SPACE

This should always be your jumping off point. Look at the room or rooms you’re purchasing flooring for—specifically, the ceiling height, existing colors and textures and furniture. Your flooring color should complement these decor aspects first and foremost.


  1. Consider Some Basic Design Best Practices

While these aren’t hard and fast rules, most experts would agree that dark-colored floors make rooms look smaller. If your space is already small, you may want to consider something lighter and brighter—dark floors will make rooms feel tighter and, possibly, gloomier. On the other hand, a large space may be a good backdrop for dark provided it’s not too overpowering—i.e. not every floor and every wall.


Another space that typically warrants light colors? Commercial spaces with low ceilings. Here, opt for lighter floors to make spaces feel bigger and more open.


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  1. Focus on USAGE

If your space is high traffic and apt to see lots of scratches, nicks, dings and cracks, consider more natural-colored flooring. Darker floors show everything and, as a result, can wind up looking worn or damaged before their time.


  1. Don’t Be Matchy-Matchy

Think your floors need to match your walls or, even, your furniture? Think again. Contrasting and complementing colors will create a more visually pleasing look and feel. Accent colors—even an accent floor—will create a more dynamic experience for your customers and employees.


  1. Be On-Brand

Your brand identity should also play a role in color selection. Some companies are more timeless and classic, and opting for natural colors or traditional walnuts or chestnuts makes sense. On the flip side, a chic restaurant, boutique or gallery may benefit from darker tones or high gloss shades, even. Think about your business and what makes sense from a brand perception perspective.

  1. Look at LIGHTING

Throughout the day the natural lighting in your space likely changes—don’t dismiss that consideration when you’re choosing flooring colors. A green can look too bright or, conversely, too black in certain lights which could make or break your decision.


Can’t decide? Don’t be afraid to ask for samples to test drive for a few days. Living with the colors is often a simple way to decide what works and what doesn’t—and can prevent you from making a costly design mistake.

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