Turn Any Backyard Into A Wonderful Paradise Your Neighbors Won’t Want To Leave

Outdoor Tough Pool Decking

When you’re trying to create a beautiful backyard, a single broken tile can end up hurting the overall image.

If the broken tile happens to be in a highly visible location, it’s probably going to attract the eyes and take away from the overall beauty of the backyard.

For Mark Rogers customers’ backyard, despite many professional tile renovations, the general design of the backyard deck was causing the tiles to pop up after a “hard” North Carolina winter.

Realizing that installing tile again was not going to solve any problems, Mark reached out to Everlast Epoxy for an alternative solution to constantly replacing the outdoor tile.


Extensive Damage Due To Moisture & Freezing Conditions

Mother nature sure can be a tough cookie to deal with. Given even a small amount of space to fill up, water seeping underneath an outdoor tile will eventually expand once it starts to freeze.

Now you’ve got an even a larger pocket for water to fill up once it thaws.

As any seasoned professional knows, this type of freezing and thawing will eventually damage and destroy the flooring material bond to the substrate if the moisture has no where else to go.

Because of the pool environment around the deck, water was constantly being thrown onto the tile (especially when it was sunny and not raining!). With grout lines being highly absorbent of water and other liquids, it’s no surprise that the tile weren’t staying in place for too long.

No amount of professional installation can offset the impact of water eroding the thinset underneath each tile and causing them to come loose after only a few years.

However, looking ugly was not the only thing wrong with this backyard deck;

  1. Sharp corners from popped up tile were becoming a hazard for people walking around barefoot.
  2. Because the tile was set in a groove against the concrete deck, it limited the type of tile that could be installed because it had to fit exactly into the groove and its height needed to be flush with the concrete.
  3. Alongside the edge of the pool was a curving, vertical surface with no ledge to support heavy material. Because of the curvature, tile was obviously not an option, so the owner was forced to have raw concrete exposed for every pool guest to stare at.


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Beautiful, Flexible, & Able To Handle Most Of What Mother Nature Throws Around

There were three primary reasons both Mark and his client decided to go with an Everlast Epoxy Outdoor Tough Natural Stone floor.

  1. The client was able to mix and match the stones that they wanted, to reach the right color scheme for their preferences.
  2. Because the material is troweled onto the floor and it has a natural thickness to it, it fit right into the grooves and filled them up nicely.
  3. Due to the honeycomb nature of the Natural Stone material, water and moisture would naturally dissipate through the material and prevent the damaging freezing/thawing effects of winter from causing harm to the flooring material. Also, because of the honeycomb nature of the floor, any water making its way up from underneath the concrete to the surface would have an easy way out.

And as a cherry on top, the owners wanted special luminescence rocks sprinkled into the floor for some exciting nighttime viewing pleasures.

Preparing a Deck for Natural Stone Floor

Luminous Pool Decking

Beautiful Outdoor Tough Natural Stone Floor

As you can see, the final floor is quite the sight! Everlast Natural Stone is bringing the moon right into your garden!

From a technical standpoint, there is one thing I want to emphasize with Outdoor Tough.

It doesn’t use epoxy glue.

Epoxy glue is simply not built for outdoor use, even though many flooring manufacturers use epoxy glue in their outdoor products. Epoxy glue doesn’t handle UV Ray exposure for too long, causing rocks to come loose and yellow.

Many customers have come to us here at Everlast Epoxy and complained about how their outdoor floors started to look old after only a few years.

Everlast Epoxy Outdoor Tough uses polyavastic glue, which is designed to handle adverse weather conditions with ease.


How It Works

I’m going to briefly show you how an Everlast Epoxy Outdoor Tough Natural Stone floor is installed under challenging conditions.

Step 1: Preparation Is Key

It’s important that the surface is clean of any loose material and dust.

Next up, in most outdoor situations, we highly recommend you place a primer onto the surface to maximize the bond between the Everlast Epoxy material and the surface below.

Outdoor Flooring Decking Primer

As you can see, there is no primer in the middle of the groove. This is because we don’t want to seal off the area 100%. By giving moisture an avenue to escape, it will simply evaporate instead of causing damage to the bond between flooring material and substrate.

Step 2: Stir The Material Carefully & Follow The Directions

Yes, for those of you who don’t like following directions… you’re going to have to do so this time!

With Everlast Epoxy, we don’t want to cut any corners.

When one of our customers wants to install a set amount of square footage, they get the right amount of material to do just that.

Because we don’t sell individual components separately and our cans and bags are pre-measured to be the exact amount needed… our floors are consistently strong and solid.

There are no ways to cut corners with an Everlast Epoxy floor.

Step 3: Easily Troweled Onto The Surface

Because the Everlast Epoxy Outdoor Tough Natural Stone floor is troweled onto a surface, it makes it quick and easy to apply.

No need to measure and drop chalk lines.

No need to worry about corners sticking up or adding more thinset underneath a tile so that it is level to the next tile.

Just trowel the material and make sure the height is good.

For those floors that don’t have a set height marked by a concrete groove (most floors really)… we offer special trowels that help you maintain the right height across the entire floor.

Installing Polyavastic Natural Stone Floor

Step 4: How To Apply The Material To A Vertical Surface

For vertical surfaces, you’ll need to create forms in order to give the material enough support to stay in place while it cures.

Whether you build your own forms with plywood (or with our recommendation of using Melamine boards), it’s important that you make sure the inside of the form is prepared with wax or grease in order to prevent the material from sticking to the surface and breaking off once the forms are removed.

Installing Natural Stone Floors on Vertical Surface
We’ve found that Carnauba wax works best. Not only does it prevent material from sticking to the forms but it also doesn’t leave any residual wax residue that needs to be scrubbed off.

Step 5: A Final Top Coat Of Glaze To Strengthen The Bond Even Further

To finish off the floor with style, we recommend adding a final top glaze of polyavastic to tighten the bond on top.

This will help hold everything together, prevent the material from loosening up, make it easier to clean the floor, and allow the floor to look beautiful for decades to come.

Polyavastic Outdoor Tough Weatherproof UV Resistant Topcoat

Final Results From A Job Well Done!

As you can see, the installation came out really well.

The contractor was happy, I was happy, and more importantly, the customer was very happy with the final product.

UV Resistant Outdoor Natural Stone Floor

Polyavastic Natural Stone Decking

Outdoor Tough Natural Stone Granitestone Flooring

Beautiful & Lasts For Many Decades

We here at Everlast® Epoxy firmly believe that we have the right solution for your needs. We can confidently say this because many of our past clients have been residential home owners wanting a unique look that lasts for decades, or businesses that want to WOW their customers as they walk through the door.

However, we understand you have many questions before making your decision. Why not give us a call and talk to one of our friendly floor experts today? Or Click Here to Have us Contact You or call us at 800-708-9870 or visit us at www.everlastepoxy.com/natural-stone-flooring

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