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The Pool Deck Party

My next door neighbor had put in a pool a few years ago, and we were, the wife and me, occasional guests. They would have a pool deck party and some of the folks in the neighborhood were invited. Guys were grilling wieners and hamburgers and the ladies were making salads, that kind of thing.

It generally started mid-afternoon and people would arrive, greet the host and hostess, grab a plastic cup, pour coke or lemonade into it and head down to the pool. It was all cement so no glass was allowed. You know what it’s like trying to find all the bits of glass if you drop a bottle on the cement!

There were chairs and lounges and a few tables around the pool; I think they rented them for the day. People would claim a spot, some would take a dip, and others would stand around and chat. I remember you needed to wear shoes or flip flops; that cement got hot!

The pool surround was done in cement and then painted, a kind of forest green. There was a pathway up to the patio which was also made of cement. You know, those squares, about 2 feet by two feet? The pathway was up a bit of a hill so every third square or so a step was cut into the ground. The patio was poured cement with an epoxy finish in a lighter green. All in all it looked pretty good that year.

The Downhill Slide

When we arrived for the party the next year, it didn’t look quite so spiffy. The paint was peeling a bit, and I could see the beginnings of a crack in the pool surround. There was a low spot in one corner and water had accumulated there. Actually I think stuff was growing in it. The stairs has shifted a bit and there were weeds coming up between the squares. The epoxy finish on the patio was starting to turn yellow.

My neighbor saw me kind of looking at these things and he wandered over. He wasn’t happy about the way it was going, he said. He was taking a wait and see attitude though, and determined to keep up with the increasing maintenance workload. It was kind of a shame because his lawns and flower beds were beautiful. Not to mention all the money he’d spent.

The following year it was getting worse and my neighbor was working harder at it. “I put a clear coat on the patio but now it’s turning yellow as well” he confided to me. Also he told me he’d dragged a table across the patio and it left scratch marks too, like a chalk line. The cracks were longer around the pool, and the paint was blistering right through where he’d touched it up.

I just had to tell him about a place I’d been to recently, a friend of mine’s across town, who’d had a similar problem and found a remarkable solution. After I told him, I called my buddy and we went over the next day to take a look, the neighbor and me.

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The Pool Deck Fix is In!

We were there about two minutes when my neighbor said “looks great but what’s it going to look like in a few years?” When he heard it was going to look the same as it does now he knew he had to have this stuff. It was time for a pool deck re-do. My friend told him the material was called Pebblestone, the finish was called polyavastic and it was available through a company called Everlast™. We headed back home.

A few days later, when I got home from work, there was a truck out front of my neighbor’s place, the kind that landscapers use. Then I wandered over to take a look-see and there was my neighbor in his backyard watching the process.

Looks Beautiful

The cement squares has been removed and the pathway widened and sloped. A couple of curves had been added and it was more stylish now. Then it was a covered with beautiful natural stones – like the old chattahoochee stones you used to see a lot of. My neighbor had chosen the Apache, which has a slight reddish tone, and it went beautifully with his lawns. He used the same finish on the patio, which had a fresh coat of epoxy and more of the Pebblestone.

Down below at the pool he had chosen a different look with the Pearl – large pebbles. Because he wanted a lighter color by the pool so it would be cooler on people’s feet. All the other companies he called told him he had to have a dark color by the pool because the sun was going to turn the epoxy an amber color. So he was thrilled to learn of Everlast Epoxy’s outdoor tough weatherproof aliphatic polyavastic. Now he could put white rocks around the pool without worrying about discoloration.

My neighbor came over to join me and he was as excited as a kid at Christmas. “Watch this!” he said as his friends were troweling down the pebblestone. He started explaining it to me.

Everlast Outdoor Tough Weatherproof Pool Deck

“See how easy this is to install?” he said. “But the best part is, that stuff that glues the rocks together, that polyavastic? It never yellows! You know how all this stuff goes kind of amber with sunlight? This resin doesn’t do that!

Later that year at the annual pool party for the neighborhood, everybody was pretty impressed with the new look and the new feel. You could stand around the pool without getting a hotfoot and any splash water just disappeared. In addition nothing was discolored from the chlorine either. No chips, no peels, just a flat, level and beautiful surface that looked all natural.

My neighbor was handing out cards to anyone who asked about how it was done. The cards just had one line printed on them:

Click the link and you’ll know too.

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