DIY Epoxy Stone Flooring

Do you have an ugly painted concrete floor like this one and you would like to turn it into something nice? Does your floor stay wet because it holds water? Or is it slippery? You can fix it easily! Here we will show you how-to install your own DIY epoxy stone flooring.

Determine whether or not your floor will be exposed to sunlight. If so then do not buy epoxy stone flooring as it will yellow, chalk and fade over time. UV resistant epoxy is a myth. Use Everlast Outdoor Tough polyavastic binder instead.

Next, start by preparing the surface. The surface needs to be porous and able to absorb the adhesive binder. We recommend scratching the floor with this tool (which is available at most home depot rental centers). You can do this simple test – pour a little solvent on it and see if it soaks in. If the solvent lays on the surface than you need to scratch up the surface further. Use Xylene or M.E.K. as the solvent – you will also use this to keep your tools clean.


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The next step is to prime the surface. This is done by simply painting the primer onto the floor. Note, if you are installing this floor on concrete with a moisture vapor problem, then this primer step is skipped and you will use our Vapor Vent epoxy stone flooring method instead.

Blend the part A and part B binder thoroughly with a jiffy mixer using our mixing instructions. Both our Everlast® Outdoor Tough chlorine and UV resistant polyavastic binder and our indoor epoxy binder comes with simple mixing instructions.
Next you pour the mixed binder into the metal tub over the 2 bags of Everlast Pebblestone and mix thoroughly.

Pour out the pebbles and spread them out. A gauge rake (available on amazon for $40) will help you get a consistent thickness.

Then use a finish trowel to smooth out the pebbles to make an even surface.


Allow your DIY epoxy stone flooring to fully cure.

The next step is to scrape off any stray pebbles that aHre sticking up and sweep or blow off the floor to remove the extra pebbles. Then mix up some more polyavastic or epoxy and roll a topcoat over the floor.

If you use an indoor epoxy topcoat it will be ready to walk on the next morning and the outdoor polyavastic topcoat will take an extra day to cure.

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