Dirty Paws? Not a Problem with Everlast Epoxy Floor

Protective Flooring?

The trouble with pets is they don’t know any better. Our little friends are delighted to play around outside and track all kinds of unmentionables in with them. If you own a space- an animal shelter, a vet clinic- where multiple animals are gathered, take a good sniff. Is your flooring giving you and your pets the protection you need? Are the little guys making a stinky situation worse?

With rubber tile or vinyl flooring, odors and bacteria can infiltrate the tiny seams and spaces to breed and multiply. While over time this smell grows stronger and stronger, and no amount of cleaning will get rid of it. The high traffic of humans and our animal friends may pull the seams in a tiled flooring apart, creating convenient gaps for microbes and pests to flourish. Most rubber and vinyl floors also emanate dangerous fumes as the solvent glue evaporates. In poor ventilated areas this can be terribly unsafe for both you and your furry friends.

Everlast Epoxy Floor

A clean place makes a happy pet. How would you like a floor that was 100% non-porous, not to mention waterproof, also pest and bacteria-resistant? What if it adhered seamlessly to any surface, with no cracks, chips, bubbles or lesions? Also gentle on paws and totally safe for humans and animals alike, the Everlast Epoxy Floor is a perfect match for all your flooring needs. Used in veterinary clinics, hospitals, homes, cafeterias, restaurants, and schools, our formula is non-toxic and made with an environmentally-friendly, EPA-registered additive. In addition bacteria and pests can’t get past the impermeable surface and are easily wiped away. No more nasty odors seeping into your flooring. Your furry guests will be less at risk for infection and disease, and cleanup is a piece of cake. All you need is soap and water!

The Everlast Epoxy Floor is made with a marble-chip resin that will never crack, flake, or fracture. With the proper care you will never have to replace it or repair it, making it more cost-effective than any other flooring choice.

To find out more call 1-800-798-9870, or visit our website at www.EverlastEpoxy.com  Your pooches and purrs will thank you, and so will your pocket.

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