Among all the businesses across the United States that have suffered during the pandemic, restaurants have arguably been hit the hardest. Restrictions on indoor dining have made it increasingly difficult for restaurateurs to weather the storm and survive.

But savvy restaurant owners are taking advantage of outdoor dining spaces by setting up tables and chairs on the sidewalk or in gardens and patio areas, allowing customers to dine more safely.

Many establishments have invested thousands of dollars in patio heaters and comfortable furniture to encourage diners to experience al fresco dining and enjoy a meal with friends while reducing the risk of spreading the virus.

But even though the pandemic fear is subsiding, it seems as though outdoor dining is here to stay, so now is the time for restaurateurs to invest in the right type of flooring to enhance an al fresco eating experience and provide a long-lasting, sanitary flooring solution.

Discover the aesthetics of Everlast® Outdoor Tough

First and foremost, any outdoor dining area must be attractive enough to entice your customers into your establishment. Everlast® Outdoor Tough ticks all the boxes when it comes to providing a great-looking seating area, including a range of 20 colors to choose from. From natural-looking Limestone to a bold Colonial Green, there is a shade to match your branding and enhance the al fresco eating experience.

And because every floor is installed by hand, no two floors will ever look exactly the same, adding to the unique style of your premises.

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So much more than a good-looking floor…

Your customers will certainly notice your awesome floor, but what they may not notice are all the other impressive properties of an Everlast® Outdoor Tough flooring installation.

Our epoxy resin floors all contain an integral EPA-registered antimicrobial component that protects the surface from a range of microorganisms and odor-causing bacteria that could otherwise repel your diners.

Some of the microorganisms that are controlled by our antimicrobial component include Salmonella, E. coli, and a food contaminant known as Penicillium pinophilum.

Unlike many of our competitors, Everlast® resin floors have an antimicrobial dispersion throughout every layer—not just the surface—which means long-lasting, sanitary protection for your restaurant floor.

Slip-resistant surfaces—even when wet

With clever use of wooden frames, giant umbrellas, or other types of shelter, diners can still enjoy an outdoor meal—even when it’s raining. 

Everlast® Outdoor Tough has a textured finish that offers slip-resistance, even in wet conditions, making it a safer option than tiles or wooden decking, which can become treacherous when wet and can cause falls and, potentially, costly lawsuits.

The slip resistance of our floors also protects staff and customers from the risk of injury from spilt drinks, oils, or grease.

UV-resistant flooring

If you’re lucky enough to operate your business in sunny climates, you’ll benefit from the UV resistance offered by Everlast® Outdoor Tough.

It’s well documented that most epoxy floors will yellow when exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period—and although some flooring suppliers add stabilizers to their resin to slow down this process, these additives have a limited lifespan and will eventually begin to wear off.

Our superior Everlast® Outdoor Tough floors won’t degrade and turn yellow in sunlight. The UV resistance that is integral to our product means that your outdoor dining area floor will remain vibrant for many years to come without the need to repaint, repair, or replace.

Flexible and durable

Outdoor Tough flooring is a durable solution that provides much more flexibility than epoxy or polyurethane options, which easily crack, leaving your floor vulnerable to microorganisms and water ingression.

Our flooring stands up to heavy foot traffic too, which is ideal if you’re a busy restaurateur serving large numbers of diners each day. Because we don’t dilute our floors with fillers and solvents, Everlast® floors can withstand the constant abuse of heavy traffic without forming wear paths.

Make the outdoor dining experience one to remember

Outdoor dining is here to stay—and smart restaurant owners are ensuring they provide an outdoor space that customers want to visit again and again. Everlast® Outdoor Tough helps to create a healthy, hygienic, and aesthetically pleasing environment in which to safely meet with friends and family and enjoy a meal.

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Interested in seeing high quality Epoxy flooring up close? Get our FREE sample pack today!