Choosing The Right Epoxy

With so many epoxy products out there, it can be hard to find the right one. Choosing requires careful consideration of the strengths and weaknesses of each. The three main types are solvent-based, water-based and solids-based epoxy. With unique properties and uses for each, Everlast® Epoxy has made it our job to educate consumers about which type of epoxy is right for their needs.

In the past, solvent-based epoxy has been the favored carrier agent for epoxy coatings because it can be used in humid and cool temperatures which makes it versatile. Solvent thins down the epoxy to the point that it becomes just a paint.

We have another blog where we discuss epoxy floor paint coatings in more depth.

Also, the high content of volatile organic compounds in the solvents prevents indoor use because of the harmful fumes. In fact, solvent-based epoxies are used less and less because respirators and the dangers of combustibility have to be factored in even with outdoor use.

Water based epoxies are similar to solvents except water is used in place of of solvents to dilute the epoxy. Both solvent and water-based epoxies become even thinner than the initial application because of  liquid evaporation.  Neither can ever create a floor with any substance because of the low viscosity.

Imagine trying to use syrup as a cake frosting. It is too thin. The same with watering down your epoxy with solvents or water. The floor will be too thin.


Everlast Floor

Everlast Floor is a 100% solids epoxy that does not requiring primer (in most situations) or bond-coat components. That saves the consumer time and money. The marble-chip and quartz aggregate is evenly textured, slip-resistant and can withstand subtle movements of sub-floor without cracking. Everlast Floor is a monolithic, custom-made, troweled-on system that forms a physical bond between the material and surface it’s being applied to and vulcanizes them together. The compound made is so tightly bonded together that so long as the floor is properly maintained. That corrosive materials cannot penetrate to begin the process of deterioration. Everlast Floor withstands severe exposures to grease, oil, water soaking, many acids, alkali, heavy traffic, sugar, animal fats, blood, salt and other corrosive materials.


The durability that Everlast Floor provides makes it an ideal application for nearly any surfacing considerations. That versatility is what ensures consumers get the maximum utility from minimal cost. And with the low cost of Everlast Floor, it’s no wonder that the company has stepped in to educate consumers on the varieties of epoxy systems and the countless advantages to using a 100% solid-based product. It’s that kind of versatility that makes Everlast Floor the affordable alternative to conventional terrazzo flooring in hallways, restrooms and buffet areas of retail spaces because it holds up to repeated use of detergents or cleaning compounds.

Kennels appreciate its resistance to urine and slip-free finish that will not hurt animal paws. The clean, sanitary surface can also accommodate the heavy steel wheel traffic of food processing. While freezers and restaurant kitchens maintain slip-resistance surfaces (even when wet) which stand up to refrigerator cold and freezing temperatures. Something the health inspector will approve of. Something health inspectors also love is that there are no joints or crevices to trap dirt or food particles. The more you learn about Everlast Floor the more you’ll love the sense it makes for home or commercial improvements you’re looking to make.

We have another blog where we discuss epoxy floor paint coatings in more depth.


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