Everlast® Auto Floor outperforms rubber floors

Failing Rubber Floor

Rubber tile floors look great in any industrial setting, perform well over time and have a low maintenance requirement. The question is: how does the price compare to Everlast Epoxy's Auto Floor in terms of life cycle costs?

The residential garage owner will be looking for a flooring solution that keeps a good appearance and won't see the virtue in overloading the budget unnecessarily. With an Everlast® Auto Floor in the garage, an expected life of 15 to 20 years sounds great for the price. It can be put down in about 3 days and easily maintained with attention about once every other month for the traffic it will experience.

On the other hand, an auto shop owner may be considering an either or idea of rubber flooring and epoxy flooring. Considering looks, the rubber flooring has a definite industrial quality and a slight natural scent. Whereas Everlast®'s AutoFloor epoxy would appear more customer friendly with various bright colors from which to choose in a lively pattern that seems more residential.

It takes more time to put the epoxy floor down, but you have the guarantee of a sealed floor and drains (in keeping with the EPA standards for water management) and the ability to wash away any grease or oil very quickly. The tile claims a water-tight seal, but quick and easy clean-up may not be as quick and easy with embossed tiles as it is with the smooth Everlast® epoxy floor. Abrasive tests will differ, as the epoxy surface will resist abrasion more effectively, while impact and sealing integrity are comparable.

Will a rubber floor fade with time? And how bright are the colors? Does it reflect or absorb light?

Everlast® Auto Floor's bright colors don't fade and the surface reflects the light for greater visibility.

So that Everlast® Auto Floor has properties which make it an attractive and durable and along with the cost make it a bargain when compared to the rubber tile alternative.

It may come down to budget and preference when choosing between rubber and an epoxy floor coating. Rest assured, Everlast® Auto Floor is a garage epoxy flooring that will give you superb performance for every dollar you spend.