You'd like your auto repair shop to look better and you're tired of a smelly, concrete floor that soaks up the dirt and grease you can't remove—that gets worse every week. You're ready for a floor that upgrades the space—keeps it presentable—that looks good and stays looking good. You need

Everlast Service Floor

It is the model solution to transform your rough,dirt-grabbing concrete floor into an attractive, cleanable surface.

Everlast Service Floor

Everlast Garage Floor

Specially formulated for auto repair facility floors, this surface won't be a welcome home for dirt and grease. Better yet: it cleans with soap and water and you'll notice how much brighter the space is because now the floor reflects light instead of absorbing it.

Everlast Garage Floor

You live in a clean, neat place. Don't your car, tools and storage deserve the same? We have a solution for your home garage:

Everlast Auto Service Epoxy Floor
Everlast Auto Service Epoxy Floor

Everlast Auto Service Epoxy Floor
Everlast Auto Service Epoxy Floor


Everlast® Garage Floor

is applied in 3 layers:

  • Heavy-duty epoxy bond
  • Urethane intermediate
  • Clear Urethane top
They fuse into a tough, hard, no-nonsense homogeneous surface that doesn't even begin to flake or chip like paint.

Everlast® Service Floor

is applied in 4 layers:

  • 2 epoxy layers
  • 2 urethane layers
Heavy duty—strictly tough

Oil Block Primer

An ideal primer for an oil-contaminated concrete substrate. Get rid of that smell and embedded dirt forever.

Brand new floor. Easy. Once it's down, that's it. Permanent and non-labor-intensive.

Brand New Floor

Not to be confused with other "epoxy" surfacing products, this is not a water-based epoxy paint.

When you think about it, you don't want a water-related material for these applications. You want a water-proof floor—so that when you wash it, you have a surface that won't absorb water—or anything else that lands on it.